Mirari Device

The Mirari device is:

  • Easy to Use. Staff can learn how to properly use the device after a few short training sessions.
  • Small. Due to it’s compact nature and internal batteries, the Mirari device is easy to transport and can be used off-site.
  • Effective. Mirari device can successfully treat many conditions.
  • Reliable. The replaceable arrays insure that the device operates with consistent results.
  • Efficient. The large array allows for treatment of a large area of skin with very little time.

Unlike many cold plasma devices, the Mirari device does not require tanks of gas to operate and utilizes a large array instead of the pen-point delivery of other devices.



The driver allows the user to select the condition to treat for, duration, and frequency of the plasma emission. It also displays key information on elapsed time, array use, driver use, and battery levels.

The plasma driver contains a pair of safe Lithium Iron Phosphide batteries, which can withstand high temperature and typically last for 2000 charge cycles.


The plasma array uses a special pattern of interconnected metal rings to create plasma discharge points. Arrays can be used for at least 360 minutes before replacement. The large size of the arrays allows for quick treatment of a large surface area.

Magnetic Cable

As a safety feature, the cable connecting the array and device uses a SIM-card style spring connector to make contact with the plasma array. Magnets in the connector housing hold the array to the connector.
The cable is designed to easily disconnect on both ends.

Protective Sleeves

The protective sleeves prevent the array from scratching the skin, and spreads out the heat from plasma “hot spots” on the array. The ozone emitted by the array is largely trapped within the protective sleeve.


The USB-c charger allows the driver to be quickly charged – starting from fully discharged batteries, it takes only 45 minutes to fully charge the driver.

Mirari Device is Safe

  • Safe temperatures
  • Minimal UV A/B radiation
  • No electrical current passes through body
  • Creates no electronic interference
  • No allergic reactions
  • Painless
  • Already in use in the USA, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
  • Decades of research indicate that appropriate use of cold plasma is safe
  • Laboratory tested
  • Currently in clinical trials in the USA

Contact us about a demo today

We offer free demos of the Mirari device so that clinics can test our product to see it’s effectiveness for themselves.