About Us

While Mirari is a relatively new technology, and brand new to Thailand, our history reaches back decades.

Our story begins with a team of engineers and physicists from technological powerhouses like NASA and global semiconductor and telecommunications firms. With decades of science and research backing the medical merit of Cold Plasma, our team set out to create a powerful, portable, affordable solution for the medical and cosmetic fields. The result was the Mirari device, a powerful, portable, affordable medical cold plasma device with the ability to address minor dermatological issues, speed post operation healing, and even treat chronic conditions such as diabetic wounds and bedsores.

Mirari is Latin for to marvel, to be astonished or amazed at. The results are certainly astonishing. Through rigorous third party in vitro and in vivo testing, the Mirari began to win over skeptics and a number of medical and cosmetic professionals joined the team. We now work with dozens of affiliate doctors and surgeons who have assisted in testing and proving the Mirari’s capabilities.

With several awards for innovation, hundreds of medical and cosmetic professionals using Miraris, trials being completed for US FDA Approval, over one thousand Miraris in use in the US and Asia, the Mirari is proven, and here to stay.

We know the Mirari can help you to better serve your patients, increase your quality of care, take advantage of new opportunities, and boost your bottom line, all while helping those you treat. We invite you to marvel at what the Mirari can do. Please reach out to one of our sales staff. We would be happy to share third party research into the merits of medical cold plasma or arrange a conversation with a medical or cosmetic professional already using the Mirari. You can even take advantage of our risk free trial program to see the Mirari in action for yourself.